Vegan Friendly Mattresses

We pride ourselves on how much variation we have with our mattresses, on how eco-friendly and how resourceful we are. We want to make customers happy and make them come back once they need a new mattress or to tell a friend about our company because they like our products. People like us so much, they always ask if we can do certain modifications to their order. Our vegan customers ask if we harm the animals when we collect the wool and of course not, we don’t ever harm them. Our vegan customers then ask if there is any way that the wool can be taken out. And our response is, of course!

We want our customers to be happy with our products, so if they want something as simple as wool taken out of the mattress, we can do that. The wool that is taken out doesn’t affect the quality of the mattresses. We still include our natural and organic materials like the coconut coir fibers, the organic latex and cotton. We know that many animal lovers have to be cautious about what they purchase so we are glad that we can help them have peace of mind. Since our beds are completely customizable, there is no issue when making these requests. 

There is a reason we do include the wool in our mattresses and that is because wool is a natural flame retardant. In case something were to happen where flames are involved, the wool would make sure the mattress doesn’t also go up in flames. By state law, we have to include a flame retardant in our products to make sure the safety of our customers. But as long as the customer signs a waiver saying it is okay, we will gladly make the adjustments. We want our customers to be happy once making their purchases so this modification can be done.

Come by and ask us about our wool free and vegan friendly mattresses! We will gladly give you prices and how soon you can enjoy your mattress, knowing you are helping the environment, the animals and yourself.