Organic Yoga Mats

Need a new yoga mat that will help you and the environment? Our Palmpring yoga mat, made with the natural and organic ingredients, it is sure to keep you zen as you are doing your yoga poses.

Our Palmpring yoga mats are made with 100% GOLS certified organic ┬álatex foam and they come in this mint green tie dye design with engraved swirl pattern. The latex comes from sap from from rubber trees, straight from nature, and with no need of cutting down the tree or of any kind of harsh chemicals. And since the organic latex is naturally antimicrobial, it will make sure that your yoga mat stays clean. With the material its made and the engraved swirls, it is sure to create a nice grip so you aren’t slipping all over the place during your yoga session!

With all the natural and organic materials, it makes our yoga mat biodegradable and eco-friendly! So no worries about the mat causing harm once it is no longer in use.

The yoga mats are $199 and come with a carrying bag and a free yoga pose poster, so that customers can get familiar with the poses that are regularly used in yoga sessions! Come by our Pasadena showroom or order online to get yours!