The Wave Mattress: Future of Sleep

Have you ever had trouble sleeping because you needed certain adjustments? Maybe you even have a snoring issue that needs some help. We have something that could do the trick!

We have the Wave mattress which pairs perfectly with an adjustable bed frame. With the specially shaped coconut coir fibers, they help the mattress move with simplicity and the mattress won’t break in half from the movement of the adjustable bed frame. The reason why the mattress can move so easily is due to the specially shaped coconut fibers that are ribbed or crimped instead of being a flat layer. The Wave mattress still includes our 100% certified organic latex that surrounds the coconut coir layer.

Depending on the firmness or softness that the customer would prefer, we have two different models that can help customers decide. Available in a 7 inch Wave and a 9 inch Wave, the 7inch Wave has a 2 inch coconut fiber layer, sandwiched between two 2 inch layers of our organic latex. The 9 inch Wave has a 2 inch layer of coconut coir fibers and one side has 4 inch of organic latex while the other side has a 2 inch layer of latex. The 7 inch Wave mattress is closer to the Bally model and the 9in is closer to the Puri model so our customers have a choice of how firm or soft they want the mattress.

The Wave mattress can adjust to any way that the customer wants.

It can lay flat.

The head area can be lifted.

The head and foot area can be lifted simulateously.

The foot area can be solely lifted.

At Palmpring, we offer all sizes from Twin to King, and even custom sizes! The Wave mattress was designed specifically for adjustable bed frames and if you want to purchase the set, we’ve got you covered. We also sell adjustable bed frames, online and in store! Check out our website or come into our Pasadena showroom to try them out!