Palmpring at HD Expo!

Last week, the Palmpring team headed over to Las Vegas. This was our first year at HD Expo and we were very excited to attend. We had no idea what to expect but it was fun and we met some amazing people!

HD Expo was from May 2 – May 4 and Palmpring was there the whole time! We set up our booth and got ready to see everyone who walked by our booth! We greeted people, informed our neighbors, interior designers, or people who were just curious about our product! Most people were in disbelief because of our unique product! We brought a Puri queen sized mattress with some samples of the Puri and our best seller, Colva, to show customers the layers and how it would look like in the inside of the mattress. We also had some coconut fiber insoles to show people that coconut fibers aren’t only useful for mattresses!

There were so many people here who were presenting their products or their services, but not many companies were like us! There were booths that were selling everything for a house or hotel room, like shower heads, power outlets to even wallpaper! Not only was exciting to see all these products and people, it was an amazing opportunity to make connections with people from all over the country and even from around the world.  We were the only organic mattress place in the whole convention center! This trip was a great opportunity to get exposure and to have people learn and even try out our products.

Camilla, the CEO, was there and ready to answer anyones questions about the materials that we use, what are the benefits of having an organic mattress, and what kinds or products do we sell. The event was a very fun and lively place  and we came home happy that we had met people that we wouldn’t have met if we didn’t go to HD Expo. And if we get invited to come back next year, we will gladly present our products and maybe we will even see some familiar faces!