Bbc Framework Agreement

BBC Studios and Chinese online entertainment platform Bilibili have announced a strategic cooperation agreement that has expanded their cooperation efforts. It contains a project with Liu Cixin, the science fiction novelist, whose adaptation “Three Body Problem” on Netflix has raised questions from U.S. senators. Operating Framework – Licensing Definition and Modification (PDF, 390.8 KB) At the end of this procurement process, the BBC will reward providers who adopt at least three categories of digital services with a framework agreement. The framework agreement or agreements are initially 24 months, beginning October 20, 2020 and ending October 19, 2022. The BBC may apply several extensions of the initial duration and these extensions may not exceed 24 months in total. The value shown in point II.1.5) is the estimated overall framework value, we expect the annual value to be between 500,000 and 3 million pounds. The agreement is in effect in accordance with the Charter, but may be amended during the Charter period, subject to the agreement of the Secretary of State and the BBC. The BBC needs a supplier framework to provide customized digital services and solutions for the following eight categories of digital services: web development, mobile application development, back-end development, third-party vendor maintenance, new technologies, data science and machine learning, design and UX, host and operation. Providers responding to this offer must successfully apply for and obtain at least three of these categories of digital services in order to secure a place in the framework. Providers may be required to work in the BBC`s digital portfolio, including, but not limited to, children and education, news, sports, sounds, home, iPlayer and TV.

Suppliers may also be required to provide services to a large number of custom in-house collaborators who are faced with help or other user-oriented applications. The contract documents are available at the Https:// beginning of the framework: October 20, 2020 Framework end date (initially 2 years): October 19, 2022. In the case of technological requirements, the BBC may use its technology partner (Atos IT Solutions and Services Ltd) to assist in the selection and development of tenders and/or the evaluation of tenders. However, the final decision on the most economically advantageous (referring to the criteria for attribution) is made by the BBC. The contracting authority reserves the right not to award a contract at any stage and to have the awarding process quashed. Offers and all vouchers must be assessed in pounds sterling and all payments will be made in sterling. The contract is governed by English law. The adjudicator does not agree to accept the lowest or lowest bid and reserves the right to accept part of an offer, unless the bidder expressly specifies something else in the tender document.

As part of the expanded framework, Bilibili will also become a co-production partner in China for new BBC Studios factual titles, including the upcoming BBC Studios series “The Green Planet” and “Mating Game”. Bilibili, the most popular video sharing platform for young people, concludes a strategic cooperation agreement with BBC Studios, which aims to expand its cooperation efforts.