What Is Market Data Display Agreements

In the financial sector, market data is price and trade data for a financial instrument that is declared by a trading platform such as a stock exchange. Market data allow traders and investors to know the current price and see historical trends in instruments such as equities, fixed-rate products, derivatives and currencies. [1] If you want to obtain, use and/or redistribute real-time and/or deferred market data, you may need to enter into a market data licensing agreement with Euronext. Contact us at the marketdataservices@bourse.lu to discuss the terms and conditions. A typical use can be a feed-handler solution. Applications (sources) receive data from a particular stream and establish a connection with a server (Authority) that accepts customer connections (targets) and redistributes data. If a customer (target) wants to subscribe to an instrument (to open an instrument), it sends a request to the server (Authority) and if the server does not have the information in its cache, it transmits the requirement to the source or sources. Each time a server (Authority) receives updates for an instrument, it sends them to all customers (targets) that have been subscribed. Providing exchange price data to users, such as distributors. B, is highly time-consuming and includes specialized technologies designed for the collection and flow of massive data flows in order to distribute information to traders and investors.

The speed at which market data is distributed can become critical if trading systems are based on data analysis before others are able to do so. B for example high-frequency trading. [2] You want to use Euronext`s real-time market data in a redistributor-controlled environment (z.B. data provider). The complexity of market data management has increased for market data consumers, who are primarily financial institutions and industrial enterprises operating in capital markets, with the increase in the number of securities issued, the number of exchanges and the globalization of capital markets. In addition to the increase in data volume, the continued development of derivatives and complex indices, as well as new rules to limit risk and protect markets and investors, have placed additional operational requirements for market data management. Our market licensing managers support the following regions: You can view LuxSE market data on your website, share it within your organization, or share it with external stakeholders. Depending on how you want to use it, you must enter into a formal formal agreement with us.