Agreement Puzzle Page

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Price changes are reserved. The first payment is charged at the time of ordering the subscription. Subscriptions automatically extend at the end of the current period, unless the automatic extension is disabled 24 hours before that date. You can manage your subscriptions through your iTunes and App Store account settings. I play it every day, and I love that as long as I don`t mind seeing ads, I can follow the daily puzzles and even do some of the special editions from time to time. I have a very tight budget, so subscribing to games is not what I can afford. However, a few program changes they`re made lately are a bit annoying, and one of them could be, in my opinion, a mistake.1. After completing a puzzle and receiving the reward screen, I don`t like going back to the daily agenda of the page where you were. This only seems to happen if you complete a “quest” which is a new feature to get additional rewards. Not really necessary, but if it has to be in it, please have it sent back to the page you were on, not all the way back to the main calendar….