Sap Scheduling Agreement Atp

We can see that there is no stock of this material available. Now let`s try to create a sales order and see the functionality of the system. As you remember, we put new sales orders in the VA01 transaction. SAP SD Availability Check – Create a sales order – VA01 SAP SD Availability Check – Create a sales order – Enter the X details works as A when the STO configuration in the purchase to order to set up a storage order with the delivery type and control rule for the order type and factory is configured for the ATP Conf disposition flag. or when the fixed registration mark / quantity is activated in the order position. You already have an active moderator notification for this content. This option must include the request for stock transfers for the delivery plant, either in connection with orders or orders. Include both order requirements and order stock transfer requirements in the delivery plant. Can the ranking date be changed according to the system schedules?. .