What’s So Great About a Green Mattress

When you are in the market for a mattress, there are so many different companies, with different features, and different price ranges. It is a bit overwhelming once you start looking and researching which mattress could be perfect for you. But here is how a green or eco-friendly mattress could be the perfect fit for you.

There are so many places that people can buy mattresses. There are online retailers like Casper and Leesa as well as popular brands like Tempur-Pedic. These are the brands most people gravitate to because of the popularity and commercials they have seen or the YouTube personalities who promote the product.  As a tip to people on the hunt for a new mattress, please do you research. No customer be buying a product that can be harmful the moment they use it.

For example, memory foam mattresses emit toxic VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. VOCs can cause allergic reactions and other health complications. The most dangerous chemical that memory foam mattresses emit is formaldehyde which is a known carcinogen.

Also, memory foam mattresses are prone to mold. Because of all the chemicals and products that are used in the mattress, it isn’t breathable which gives mold an opportunity to grow. Also, these chemicals could attract bed bugs and dust mites, causing people who own the memory foam mattress to replace theirs constantly.

The main reason why people turn to a memory foam mattress isn’t the feel, its the price. Green mattresses are more on the expensive side compared to memory foam mattresses. Customers could buy a memory foam mattress for less than half the price of a green mattress! So if the customer was restricted because of pricing, they might be limited to only buying a memory foam mattress. But, since memory foam mattresses are prone to all kinds of issues, it could become more expensive in the long run since the customer would have to buy more mattresses later on. On the other hand, if the customer were to buy a green mattress, it would take a long time before it would need to be replaced. Green mattresses have the lifespan of 10-15 years or even more if they are treated well. So it would a one-time payment for almost 2 decades of use than many payments in the same amount of time.

The better choice is getting a green mattress because it won’t encourage mold growth, attract bedbugs or dust mites, and it is also breathable and durable so the mattresses has longevity while not emitting toxic chemicals. In the long run, a green mattress is also cheaper than a memory foam mattress.

Take Palmpring Organic Mattress into consideration when looking for a new mattress! We are a green, eco-friendly and healthy choice. Call us or visit our Pasadena showroom where you can learn more about our products and about how they can help your health and your wallet.