Our GOLS Certified Organic Latex Yoga Mats!

Palmpring Organic Mattress is happy to offer GOLS certified organic latex yoga mats! We get a lot of questions as to how our organic latex yoga mat is different from your average yoga mat, and we are happy to answer them!


What is the Average Yoga Mat Made Of beetle ju 2 kostenlosen?

While there are many types of yoga mats, most are made from PVC, or vinyl. PVC is known for being the most toxic plastic for you and for the environment, being made with and emitting harmful chemicals. Yoga mats can also be made from NBR foam, which is a synthetically made rubber lupo programm herunterladen.

The main reason for these materials is that they are inexpensive to manufacture, even if retailers sell them at a higher price point. They also claim to be durable, but in fact, will wear down much quicker than an organically made yoga mat. Think of how a shirt made out of synthetic fabric quickly wears down, while a garment made with natural fabric such as wool or silk can last a lifetime download the three question characters. When these synthetic mats inevitably wear and tear and must be disposed of, they are not biodegradable – they will only accrue waste in our already massive landfills.

Some yoga mats are made from natural or recycled materials. However, even natural materials, especially cotton, are still grown with pesticides and heavily treated with chemicals, harming the environment as well as your health animal crossing downloaden. For a product to be truly chemical-free and sustainably made, they must have the certifications proving it is certified organic.


What is GOLS?

GOLS, or Global Organic Latex Standard, was founded by Control Union Certifications video downloaden mit vlc. According to their website, “To achieve GOLS certification, a product must contain more than 95% of certified organic raw material.” This is the highest possible standard of organic latex in the world. By having this certificate, we are ensuring our customers that they are getting the highest quality organic product and that we are committed to following social and environmental regulations placed by the GOLS wie kann manen bei netflix.

Organic latex comes from the sap of the rubber tree, the highest quality of which are found in India. Organic latex is sustainability harvested, meaning the trees are never chopped down to produce the latex. Instead, rubber trees have their bark stripped into sections on one side, allowing the sap to flow out into a collection bucket. Harvesting the latex is alternated between sides of the tree, allowing the bark to regrow windows 7 service pack 2 32 bit kostenlos. By practicing this method, the trees won’t be prematurely cut down and can survive as long as possible.


 Our Organic Latex Yoga Mat!

Our GOLS certified organic latex yoga mat measures 24”x 68”x 10mm and has a lovely mint green tie dye design with an engraved swirl pattern, adding a far superior grip than the average yoga mat iphone audiodatei herunterladen. Latex’s natural texture also provides the best grip and prevents slippage. Latex is also naturally strong and very durable. Our yoga mat is a premium 10mm thickness, creating cushion and comfort. It is also naturally antimicrobial, sustainably made, and biodegradable. If it needs to be cleaned, just simply wipe with a little bit of water on a soft cloth free ebooks.

We also include a free pose chart with every yoga mat!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come stop by our Pasadena showroom and try it out for yourself, and don’t forget to check out our website for more information stoppen meten!