Palmpring Foundation vs. Conventional Box Spring

A mattress foundation – commonly called a “box spring”- is used to give the mattress support, height, shock absorption, reduce wear, and to create a flat, even surface for the mattress pinterest multiple images. Most beds are not made to be used without one, so the mattress greatly benefits from the extra support.

Palmpring’s mattress foundation is very different than a regular box spring because of two major reasons: higher quality and no springs zip passed mac!


What is the Conventional Box Spring?

The average box spring is made up of a metal frame, often including metal springs, a base made of “composite wood”- a blend of wood chips and plastic – and then covered in a synthetic, chemically treated fabric iso normen kostenlos herunterladen. All of these materials are artificial and contain chemicals, polluting the air in your home as well as the environment when they are manufactured and eventually disposed of antivirus program for free windows vista.

These box springs may initially feel comfortable, but the use of low quality, cheap materials and poor manufacturing processes overseas means they will quickly deteriorate and break down subway game. This will affect the feel of your mattress. If the box spring begins to sink or even break, your mattress – even the highest quality mattress – will begin to sink into the affected areas.  This will cause discomfort, lack of support, and overall poor sleep hair salon 3 for free. Then when the box spring needs to be disposed of, it will accumulate in our already overflowing landfills because they are made with synthetic materials wwu logo herunterladen.


What is Palmpring’s Mattress Foundation?

Palmpring Organic Mattress sees the importance of a high-quality, sturdy, and long-lasting foundation for your mattress hintergrundbilder hochzeit downloaden. Our mattress foundation is a rigid, strong, wooden support system made of solid, untreated pine. The frame is made up of slats, spaced 2” to 2.5” apart alte java versionen herunterladen. This allows for an even and supportive sleeping surface, with no chance for sinking, bending, or breaking due to poor quality. It is then covered with our certified organic cotton, the same cotton that covers our organic mattresses google maps downloaden voor windows 10.

While the standard height is 8”, we know some people prefer a lower mattress, so we offer custom sizes, even as low as 2”- also known as a bunkie board – offering the same amount of support.

Since Palmpring Organic Mattresses are made of whole layers of organic latex and coconut coir, (no empty spaces for metal springs!) they are much heavier than the average mattress. We strongly recommend investing in our mattress foundation, which is guaranteed to evenly support your mattress and last for years to come. Our foundations are also manufactured in Los Angeles, alongside our Organic Mattresses!

We love to provide our customers with the highest quality products, and our mattress foundation is no exception! So instead of a cheaply made box spring, consider our all natural mattress foundation, the best way to support your mattress for your most restful night’s sleep!