Vistex Agreement Process

NOTE: The agreement can be incorporated into the SAP condition agreement. In the configuration, assign the condition contract type to the agreement type to store information in the condition contract Agreement information can be created in one application and then extended to other applications, so that the same agreement number can be used in multiple applications. NOTE: The same type of contract must be configured in the application for applications and the source application (extension of). The Incentives and Paybacks (IP) module has expanded the concept of an order-to-cash process and introduced an additional document – IP (Incentive and Payback) – and there is no need to include the calculation of discounts, retrobooking and sales incentive in the proof of invoicing. After you create a chord group, assign the group number to each chord. For framework contracts and rights management scenarios, a request for mastery is launched as a starting point for all negotiations. The Master Request Workbench allows you to copy approved master request information in order to create or modify agreement terms, agreements, price suggestions, master requests and requests/deals (based on configuration). The vistex-Master Request brings together several price elements for analysis purposes in a workbench. A master query allows you to create “editions” to track changes in rules and reservations.

However, if you need the ability to distinguish between offers and offers or to track changes to legally binding documents, you can use a framework contract established in the Master Agreement Workbench to modify a master requirement with full tracking. A sales discount is paid on the basis of an agreement between the company paying the discount and the customer. The agreement summarizes the price conditions of the positions and the billing parameters. Any agreement can involve a large number of customers or a single customer. Agreements may be limited to the national, local or site-specific level. The agreements are very flexible and allow one or more price factors for sales discounts that can be set at each level. The prices of sales discounts can be expressed in dollars or percentages and may depend on different combinations such as the sales area, customer, material or a combination of those mentioned above. These rules can often change and be changed retroactively. To enable Review Sheets, template types must be identified as relevant to review sheet when setting up price agreements.

Review sheets are also configurable for templates and clauses, rather than displaying tabs and rules configured in order. We offer the best SAP VISTEX Training Online to learn more, register on the site or call the Helpdesk now! It is best suited for complex calculations such as processing discounts, sales commissions, retrobooks, retrobooks and price offers in ecc modules and incentives and payments (IP) have since mid-2004 been labeled by SAP as a global Solution Extension Product, licensed and supported by SAP via sap Service Marketplace. All agreement tabs are independent for each application, except for the Rules tab. The Rules tab applies to all extensions. The only exception is for additional price sheets, which are specific to the application but can be configured for use in multiple applications….