Traduire Share Pledge Agreement

“Agreement” means the agreement between Customer and DeepL regarding the subscription and use of DeepL`s products in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. Entering actions and membership rights (share entry agreements) You can have a file translated for each translation process. It is not possible to select multiple files simultaneously. . Conditions and restrictions on the translation of documents: entry of shares and membership fees The e-mail address used for registration does not exist or is manifestly invalid; The license to use the Translator DeepL Pro is a single place license. The customer has contested or requested the return of a payment without communicating to DeepL a valid reason for the dispute or request for restitution. The suspension of client access is maintained until the client informs DeepL of a valid reason. “API-CAT-Key” refers to a specific license key for connecting computerized translation tools to the DeepL API. Depending on the DeepL package you subscribe to, you can translate a different number of documents per month. You can find an overview here: Monthly quotas cannot be carried over to subsequent months. The ability to use an API-CAT key is only available if the customer chooses certain subscription levels in the ordering process that include CAT API key support.

The API-CAT key is a single place license. “Internal Users” means users of customer access to products for internal customer purposes, for example.B. employees of the customer, employees of related companies (in accordance with ยง15 et seq.). AktG), the customer`s free staff or service provider. “Third Party Applications” means any applications, components, libraries, plugins or other software provided by third parties that allow customer to use or access the products, for example.B. Translation plugins for third-party applications for which customer must use its own API login information. The customer is not allowed to access the Translator DeepL Pro through automated procedures that may cause an increase in the number of requests (beyond the usual human behavior) addressed to the Translator DeepL Pro. How can I pick up my translations in the vocabulary coach? “Customer” means the natural or legal person who orders or subscribes to DeepL products or services as a contractor of DeepL.

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