Made with organic latex, coconut coir fiber, wool and cotton.

The average American spends a third of their life sleeping. Our mattresses are supposed to comfort us from the moment we count sheep to the time our alarm bells ring, yet we are unaware of how much they impact our quality of sleep, and overall health. Many of us wake up feeling ill-rested, congested, sneezing, or suffering from body pain as a result of a mattress that offers little or no health benefit, and not knowing why.

Palmpring's commitment to a healthful lifestyle has resulted in premium quality bedding. We have over 30 years of testing and research addressing comfort, chemical-free materials, durable construction, intelligent design and sustainable production. Our hypo-allergenic mattresses are constructed with organic materials, sourced and processed using non-toxic methods that do not sensitize our bodies, nor pollute the environment. Medical, fitness and wellness professionals embrace our product, while customers continue to refer friends and family.

Palmpring would love to provide you with the comfort and blissful sleep your body deserves.