Organic Latex Foam

We manufacture our products from the highest quality organic latex, sourced from certified organic rubber resin trees and processed in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner. The latex molds for our mattresses, pillows and cushions are formed using the Dunlop process, a method of heating and solidifying the natural rubber into the appropriate density without using additional chemicals.

Organic Palm Coir

Our organic palm coir (coconut fiber) is woven from discarded coconut husks (material that is often considered "waste" in other coconut material trades), which are recycled and processed gently over time with water as the only solvent. The processed fibers are then woven into a rope which is then flattened into layers and coated with organic latex to create a water-repelling and germ-resistant mattress base. This rubberized palm coir offers natural flexibility and strong support for the body, replacing the need for metal springs.

Organic Cotton and Wool

In addition, a layer of organic wool and cotton, which is covered by organic cotton ticking, serves as a "top cover" for our mattresses. The layer of wool acts as an all-natural fire-retardant, and precludes the need for traditional chemical sprays.