"Our old mattress would squeak and it was a train wreck, I was afraid it would disturb the downstairs neighbors. The new Palmpring mattress is wonderfully firm, makes no noise due to the lack of springs, but still soft enough to feel like you're in a cloud. The first night in the Palmpring bed I had uninterrupted sleep and I can't recall when was the last time when I had blissful uninterrupted sleep prior to this. As long as I can remember, I have always tossed and turned. In fact, I would wake up usually 5-7 times each night and would lose sleep. I would wake up very tired and hit the snooze button several times just to get some more sleep. After sleeping in the Palmpring, I immediately noticed that my shoulder and jaw didn't hurt when I woke up, and I also had no neck pain.
I used to wake up every morning with a crick in my neck that started at my shoulders. I am so comfortable sleeping on my side now, and I don't feel the need to have pillows to elevate my body, and I can also sleep on my back, which wasn't the case before.
The technology of the 7 zones of the body (distribution of weight on the latex) really works! My spine feels truly aligned and supported now. Last, I haven't been sneezing when I wake up.
The organic hypo-allergenic quality of the Palmpring has been wonderful for my allergies. Overall I feel more refreshed now, and I can actually wake up prior to my alarm clock going off. And, when I wake up, I can start my day by practicing meditation directly on my bed because it comfortably supports my back. Thank you Palmpring!"

Briohny Smyth, Los Angeles

"Prior to getting the Palmpring, I would wake up 4-5 times a night because I was so uncomfortable in my bed so much that I had to constantly switch sides and twist, and I would become conscious and then fully awake. As soon as I started sleeping in the Palmpring my sleep became uninterrupted and I no longer tossed and turned due to discomfort. I didn't wake up with shoulder pain, tenderness in the low back or soreness in general, which was the case previously! I noticed the Palmpring distributes weight evenly, so I feel more comfortable lying in the bed. Also, I have always had allergies and I haven't been waking up stuffy and sneezing first thing in the morning since I switched to Palmpring. I really feel much more refreshed when I wake up. I now realize that what you sleep on and how you sleep is so important for good health and contributes greatly to the quality of life. Also, the quality of life isn't dependent solely upon all the activities you do during the day, it's highly correlated to the way you sleep, which in turns affects how your day goes!"

Dice Iida-Klein, Los Angeles

"I always recommend the Palmpring mattress to many of my patients with lower back pain and spinal issues. As I was doing my research on better sleeping habits for my patients, I found out that Palmpring's mattress is scientifically proven to help relieve back pain because it provides perfect support. I personally tell my patients to look for a firmer mattress because a good mattress should support your spine and lower back. You don't want to buy mattress that allows your lower back to sink too far down. Many of my patients who have used Palmpring's mattress told me that it helped them reduce their chronic back pain! This is one of the must haves for a good night's sleep!!"

Dr. Winston Lee, Ph.D, Los Angeles

"As a Chiropractor, I am focused on both structure and function. I phased out all plastics from our kitchen, switched to only natural make-up, and really focused on decreasing an eliminating toxins and contaminants from my home. I began searching for organic mattresses since we spend so many hours of our lives laying on and breathing in whatever our mattress emits. It is especially critical to decrease that exposure to infants, children, and anyone with autoimmunities or over-worked systems. I found the support of the mattress (Colva) to be ideal in support and comfort. Ideally, people should sleep on their backs or sides in order to maintain a neutral spinal position and support the natural spinal curves. Switching from spring to a Palmpring mattress took pressure off my shoulder, hip, and knee joints that previously caused pain and decreased sleep. It also gives me peace of mind know the materials are better for me, my husband, and dogs. Lastly, I appreciate that each mattress is made at the warehouse the day I order it so nothing has been sitting around for excessive amounts of time. In time, I'd like to transition all the mattresses in my house, as well as my couch, to Palmpring products."

Dr. Ila Clemente, Chiropractor, Bound Brook New Jersey

"When I moved in with my boyfriend earlier this year, I was no longer sleeping on my comfy mattress which my boyfriend thought was too firm. Instead, I was struggling to get a good night's sleep on his mattress, which was too soft for me. So, we hit the jackpot when we started sleeping on Palmpring's Puri mattress. It was the perfect firmness level and we continue to sleep extremely well on it. Plus, I love how sustainable it is with the organic latex, organic palm coir from recycled coconut husks and organic cotton and wool. As an eco-friendly Interior Designer, it's really important to me to sleep on a non-toxic and environmentally friendly mattress. Also, it is very reassuring to know it has many certifications like ISO9001 and has been rigorously tested to show the anti- microbial quality of the latex and palm coir, the purity and cleanliness of the latex and the coir's resistance to fire. To top it off, it's comforting to know that the mattress was produced without any additional waste or pollutants."

Rachel Winokur, Interior Designer


Vivian Gray


Rachel Winokur and David Kessler

Adrian Jayasinha