Everyone always says, "having kids changes you." Well, I couldn't agree more!

As a young girl and teen in Seoul, South Korea, I helped my father Dae-Seob Kim at his Palmpring mattress company, which he founded in in 1996. He created the country's first all-natural mattress without using metal springs. For over 20 years, Palmpring has been offering a blissful night's rest to thousands of satisfied customers, and our mattresses have passed multiple tests for pressure, harmful substances, flammability, and such. (Read more about Palmpring's history)

Back then, I never envisioned leaving Korea. But after I had my second daughter Nayoun, it seemed to be the right thing for me and my husband. We moved to Los Angeles in 2010 and opened Palmpring's first North American showroom in 2011.

Looking after my daughters' health has forced me to be extremely conscious of the materials and substances we use and consume on an everyday basis. What surprised me the most upon arriving here is only a few Americans purchase organic bedding. I saw an opportunity to grow the "organic sleep" movement, and help make organic home products more widely available, and at less costly prices.

In 2012-2013, I introduced several new Palmpring products plus instituted some changes in our manufacturing, launching the company's first ever mattress manufactured with certified organic materials. Our new mattress has organic components throughout, not just on the external parts. I feel very happy and proud to offer bedding made with certified organic materials for families and individuals, so we can all rest assured that the materials we sleep on are not harmful to our health.

In June 2015, we launched a new collection of plush mattresses, pillow topper, pillows and adjustable bed, called Three Happy Coconuts, all made with certified organic materials. This collection is a testament to our family's long journey to this great country in order to pursue happiness while maintaining great health.

We sincerely hope you enjoy all our products as much as our family does!

Camilla Kim, CEO and Founder, Palmpring USA