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At Palmpring, we primarily manufacture mattresses, here in the USA, using organic latex and recycling coconut fiber. However, when manufacturing smaller mattresses, some scrap latex material is left over when the mattress is cut to size. This left over latex could be sent to a garbage dump, or it could be recycled. However, we had a better idea. We follow a minimal-waste philosophy, so we decided to give our left-overs new life in the form of bean bag chair filler. Natural latex is lighter than buckwheat hulls, doesn’t lose its shape over time like cotton or wool, and is free of the toxic off-gassing that synthetic fillers produce. Its also super durable, yet biodegradable. Unlike other commercially available latex filler, ours is GOLS certified organic, so you know it was produced to the highest organic standards. Plus, you’re helping to reduce latex waste from mattress production! * Each bag of our bean bag filler is around 21H”x12W”x10D” and weighs about 5lbs
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