Organic Toppers

Intended to be placed on top of the mattress, Palmpring's organic palm coir and organic latex toppers (or pillowtop mattress pads) were created to encourage sound, healthy sleep. Light as a feather and topped with our organic wool and cotton ticking, these toppers (or pillowtop mattress pads) add a layer of softness or firmness to your existing mattress while keeping the mattress hygienic.

Latex Topper

Our organic latex topper is a perfect addition to our mattress when you want to put a little more softness in your sleep but do not want to commit to the very plush mattress.

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Coconut Coir Topper

Our coconut coir topper is a perfect additional when you want more support to your mattress or you can place it on the floor for a supportive and comfortable travel pad. Best for those who enjoy firm surfaces.

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Wool Topper

Our wool topper/pad to your existing mattress for a bit of cushion and fluffy without compromising adequate support. Our wool topper features the benefits of wool such as temperature regulation and moisture wicking.

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