Palmpring has achieved certification from Germany's prestigious Eco Umweltinstitute and LGA Inspection Agency, and from the Hohenstein Textile Testing Institute, which approves that Palmpring products meet the human-ecological requirements of the Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 product class established for baby articles. In addition, Palmpring products have obtained the ISO9001--a certificate of quality of assurance--as well as the ISO14001--a certificate of environmental management system and evaluation.
Palmpring's products have also been rigorously tested in Korea, where the organic latex and organic palm coir have shown to be an inhospitable environment to germs and micro-organisms; and the organic latex has been tested for its purity and cleanliness.
Palmpring's coir has also been tested for fire resistance.

Control Union - GOLS certification (Latex / Rubberized Coir )

ECO INSTITUT (Latex / Rubberized Coir)

Control Union - (Organic Production / USDA-NOP)

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 (Latex / Wool / Cotton)

Global Organic Textile Standard - GOTS certification ( Wool / Cotton )


LGA - Germany (Latex)

KICM - Far Infra-red Ray Emission Rate : 88.6% (Rubberized Coir)

FITI - Germ-Resistance Test : 99.9% (Rubberized Coir)

KIFLT - organic latex (NR) 100% (Latex)

KATRI - Germ-Resistance Test 99.9% (Latex)

ECO - Germany(Latex / Rubberized Coir)

World-wide each country trademark registration - USA, Germany, Japan, China

Certification International

Chamber Certification Assessment Services (CCAS)

Testing & Resarch Institute (FITI)

Control Union Certifications (India)

TQCSI International