Adding Someone To Your Tenancy Agreement

HomeHousingCouncil Tenants Changes to a Lease Agreement If someone dies, Council rent can be transferred to someone who has lived in the property as an estate in the past 12 months. You should seek legal advice before becoming a tenant or adding a common tenant to your Council agreement. You must explain their reasons if they decide not to renew your lease and give you the opportunity to challenge the decision. In the case of a common lease, there is more than one person on the lease. Each person has all legal rights and obligations as a Council tenant, including the same responsibility to pay the rent and not lead to antisocial behaviour. This answer is about the main question. The same principles apply. You can only pay Council rent if you have lived in the property in the past 12 months and after the death of the principal tenant Once you are a tenant, you must receive joint benefits if you are a couple or if you are separated, if you do not. The housing benefit you can receive depends on your part of the rent. We are not required to approve your question. Our decision depends on your circumstances and whether the property can be better suited to another household, such as a family.B.

We will not reject your request for no good reason. If you only need someone who can contact us on your behalf, for example to report repairs, you don`t need a common lease. You can give them the power to act on your behalf. These reasons are not exhaustive – if in doubt, talk to your housing agent. If you are happy to meet these conditions, ask your housing agent for an application form. Your landlord may do so if he or she suspects that the person you want to add to your rental agreement does not actually reside in the unit or does not intend to move out of the property soon after. If the person moving into your property pays rent, then you need to inform your landlord and you need your landlord`s permission, as that person is essentially a tenant. Yes, you can add your son or daughter to your rental agreement, but you must first obtain written permission from your landlord. This creates a common lease. Update your name in a rental home, give your rental agreement to someone else, inherit a rental agreement or add another person to your rent.

If more than one person has a valid and equal right to the Council`s lease, they must decide who takes over the tenant of the Council or who decides for them the housing company or landlord. If you are a social tenant and you are the only one living in your apartment or home, you may be wondering if it is possible to add someone to your lease.