Agreement Flat

Try to avoid reusing the same document you prepared for your previous rental home. I was paid at the time of the sales contract with 6% stamp and 1% registration fee, but my certificate of sale is still pending, will the governor return my overrun because the stamp duty has now decreased, and what taxes does Advocate for Sale Deed collect? I had bought an apartment [2014] in Dighi Pune and I had only concluded the purchase agreement, but I had not dealt with a deed of sale. I live in the same apartment and I have a home loan from the bank [still not closed] Now I plan to sell the apartment. Do I have to conclude the deed of sale before the sale of the apartment? What is the process and fees There are three authorized rental bonding systems, two are insured and the third is custody. We buy a new apartment in Marunji that falls under the PMRDA. .