Hidden Dangers of Using a Standard Mattress

At this point, most of us know why we should eat organic foods my billa app. They’re grown without pesticides and chemicals, they taste better, it’s better for the environment and organic farming practices are often more sustainable than traditional methods download old java version. However, there are other things you should also buy organic. Organic mattresses have many personal benefits and are also better for the environment. Standard mattresses have downsides that you may not even realize home converter. Here are three hidden dangers of using a standard mattress handy apps download kostenlos.

1. More Likely to Make You Sick

The materials in many standard mattresses are a breeding ground for mold and bacteria herunterladen. If germs or mold spores are stuck in your mattress, and then you sleep on it every night, you’ll wake up feeling congested, tired and sick. You may wonder why you never seem to get better, but you probably wouldn’t consider your mattress as part of the problem videos von facebook downloaden handy. Organic mattresses, on the other hand, are typically made with organic wool, which is resistant to bacteria and mold growth.

2 filme aus mediathek downloaden. Toxic Chemical Treatments

While there aren’t a lot of federal regulations for mattresses, they do all have to be flame resistant chrome nicht automatisch downloaden. Since mattresses are often made of flammable materials, they are sprayed or treated with chemicals to make them fire-resistant or flame-retardant. These chemicals can be toxic and harmful to your health ringtones wav for free. Again, the wool in organic mattresses saves the day. It’s naturally flame resistant without any added chemicals. Many standard mattresses are also treated with formaldehyde to preserve the materials, boric acid and pesticides gmx auf desktop herunterladen.

3. Bad Materials

In addition to being a breeding ground for mold, many standard mattresses are also made from materials that can cause allergic reactions and illnesses. Many mattresses are made with synthetic latex or latex blends, which often contain petroleum-based substances and are carcinogens. They can also be made with plastics and vinyl for waterproofing, both of which can be dangerous. Crib mattresses in particular tend to be made with these harmful materials.