Design Trends 2017

Yesterday, the Palmpring crew took part in an important local community event, sharing and building connections with designers and makers from the Pasadena and LA area.


ASID Pasadena

The American Society of Interior Designers, or ASID, works to bring together interior designers and industry business partners on the local and national level to grow and promote the industry we love. This year, Design Trends 2017 was hosted at the Pasadena Conservatory of Music, just a couple miles from our showroom. Palmpring is relatively new to the Pasadena chapter, having moved our showroom just over a year ago. Lynnelle Bryant, Director at Large for the Pasadena Chapter, made us feel so welcome as she took us around to meet with other, more established members. We wanted to thank her, and the entire board of directors, for facilitating this event. We look forward to many more years of participating at the local level with other business owners and designers.


Camilla and Max, ready for an exciting evening!

Camilla and Max, ready for an exciting evening!



Our favorite part of attending events like this is being able to meet face-to-face with some of the companies and designers we work with on a regular basis. Sometimes, after many phone calls and email conversations, it’s nice to be able to speak candidly in person. It was certainly easy to bond with fellow designers over the delicious spread of hors-d’oeuvres available to us. Even one of the men serving drinks seemed convinced a Palmpring organic mattress was in his future.

One highlight of the event for us was allowing a new client to feel the difference between our coconut and latex material, making an easier decision that was difficult to settle online. At the end of the day, this is why we do business: to connect people with a product they are going to love and sleep on for decades to come.


Mike and Max extolling the virtues of our organic materials!

Mike and Max extolling the virtues of our organic materials!


Our Booth

Thanks to our unique materials, a Palmpring mattress is really something you have to feel to believe. This year we brought along a Twin XL Agra mattress with a latex topper for attendees to try. The Agra is 6 inches of certified organic latex wrapped in an organic wool and cotton cover. Everyone who took the time to lay down and talk to us were reluctant to get back up again.

We also brought samples of both our latex and coconut coir. You can really understand the care that goes into our product when you can hold it in your hand and understand every step of the process in turning a whole coconut into our firm coconut fiber mattress material.

After recharging on our Agra mattress, we invited attendees to let off some steam by bouncing on several coconut coir mats. The coconut fiber coated in organic latex creates a springy, supportive mattress that makes metal springs woefully obsolete. The bounce you get from even a few inches is incredible.
Finally, for those who couldn’t leave the event without bringing some coconut with them, we had coconut fiber insoles available for sale. In our mattresses, coconut fiber prevents mold and moisture buildup while repelling dust mites and other nasty insects. In an insole, these same properties serve to wick away sweat and keep you cool!


Max announcing the winner of our organic latex pillow!

Max announcing the winner of our organic latex pillow!


The Raffle

To close out the event, ASID hosts a raffle in which exhibitors contribute prizes, and enter to win using business cards as tickets. Our contribution to the raffle this year was one of our Organic Latex pillows from the Three Happy Coconuts line. The queen sized soap pillow we gave away went to Michele La Flesch from Closet Factory, who was eagerly eyeing it all night.

Things got heated as everyone scrambled to enter last minute for the big-ticket items.

We were lucky to win several raffle items ourselves! Mike received a Tea Set, which he generously donated to the office, and Camilla won a high-end Necklace.


Thank you again to everyone who came and spoke with us.

We hope to see you again next year!