Organic Latex Bean Bag Filler

We have bean bag filler now film rain man download! The Palmpring Organic Latex Bean Bag filler is safe for everyone to use! Even kids can play around with it, without the fear that it is toxic or small enough to choke on hardware herunterladen. Here is some information about the competitors and how we can be the better choice for you.


Synthetic Fillers

Polystyrene Beads

Polystyrene, also known as EPS, is the most popular material for filling traditional bean bag chairs alle bilder einer website downloaden android. It’s light and durable, and cheap to make. However, it’s a petroleum-based product, which means that it can leach potentially carcinogenic chemicals that can hurt you or your family adobe flash player 11 kostenlos downloaden deutsch. It also lasts for hundreds of years before breaking down, which means it contributes to landfills and poisons our planet.

Polyurethane Foam

Memory foam is a growing synthetic alternative to polystyrene beans because it produces a softer chair with a unique molding feel herunterladen. However, just like EPS, memory foam is petroleum-based and poses the same health risks as a result of off-gassing as well as poses the same environmental dangers photo op ipad.


Natural Fillers

Several different natural materials exist that can be used as fillers for bean bag chairs shazam for pc free download. However, most have some major drawbacks.

Wool & Cotton

One natural option for filling your bean bag chair is some sort of combination of wool and/or cotton sonic the hedgehog kostenlos downloaden. These natural materials are sustainable, eco-friendly, and available in organic growing methods. However, they compress easily over time. Unlike pillows and other bedding, bean bag chairs bear a lot more weight and aren’t as easy to fluff bilder im internet herunterladen. Unless you want a chair that’s going to squish down into a firm lump half of its original size, we recommend you steer clear of these fillers.

Buckwheat Hulls

Another popular natural filler option is buckwheat hulls and similar grains like popcorn, rice, or even dried field peas herunterladen. Unlike cotton and wool, these fillers won’t compress over time. However, not only are they at risk of crumbling into dusk from overuse, but they are also incredibly dense. This means that your bean bag will be unreasonably heavy, and is going to be more expensive to fill. Beanbags are supposed to be light and fun, while also being durable. Don’t despair, we’ve got a better alternative…

The Palmpring Difference

At Palmpring, we manufacture primarily mattresses here in the USA, using natural latex and recycled coconut fiber. However, when manufacturing smaller mattresses, some scrap latex material is left over when the mattress is cut to size. This left-over latex could be sent to a garbage dump, or it could be recycled. However, we have created a better idea. Because we follow a minimal-waste philosophy, we decided to give our left-over latex a new life in the form of bean bag chair filler.

Natural latex is lighter than buckwheat hulls, doesn’t lose its shape over time like cotton or wool, and is free of the toxic off-gassing that synthetic fillers produce. It’s also super durable, yet biodegradable. Unlike other commercially available latex filler, ours is GOLS-certified organic, so you know it was produced to the highest organic standards. Plus, you’re helping to reduce latex waste from mattress production!

Get your Palmpring latex scraps today for only $20 per 1 cu ft bag. How much will you need for your bag? Check out this table to see the average volume per bag size.

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