Is It Possible To Sleep Too Much?

I’m going to take a wild guess that you like to sleep…

Well of course you do! For many, sleeping could be categorized as a favorite pastime and even an activity that most people wish they can do all day long.

Unfortunately, sleeping for long periods of time has been proven to lead to a multitude of health complications such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke pokemon smaragd rom deutsch download kostenlos. Although sleeping or even resting for short periods of time is the body’s way of repairing while readying itself for the next day, excess sleeping places the body at risk for issues that can further complicate the body’s ability to rest adequately at the right times.

But wait, you are probably thinking that can’t be right. Whenever someone comments that you look tired, they also most likely told you that you needed more sleep mp3 with firefox. What most people don’t take into account when making these sort of comments is the actual quality of sleep you are getting rather than just the amount. What is meant is how you go to sleep plays a major part in whether or not you will wake up feeling rested or fatigued. For example, being on your phone or laptop an hour before you drift off actually influences your brain to stay awake and not go to sleep herunterladen. By having your sleepy time delayed even further because you wanted more screen time, your body will feel as if it’s running on less sleep than normal. So the next time you habitually reach for your phone when you are already in bed, perhaps reach for a book instead. 😊

How about the amount of sleep I should get daily tiptoi audio file?

According to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), adults between the ages of 18-60 should be receiving a minimum of 7 hours and no more than 9 hours. Teens should receive a minimum of 8 hours but no more than 10 per night. There are of course special circumstances where you may receive more than the recommended hours sometimes but the recommendation is to not make excessive resting into a habit puhdys albums for free.

What if I feel restless at night and my phone is the only way that helps me fall asleep?

Many people encounter this issue when they start trying to correct their sleeping habits. Unfortunately, there are no circumstances where using a device before you sleep is a legitimate method of inducing sleep. The only solution is to try your best and undo this habit by choosing other forms of light entertainment that do not involve any screen time whatsapp all pictures. Once this habit has been undone, falling asleep on your own will feel like the norm and most importantly, your body will be thankful for the extra rest time.

Well if sleeping is so good for me, it wouldn’t hurt if I slept in a few extra hours on weekends, right?

That is unfortunately not the case film aus youtube downloaden. Sleep is one of those finicky subjects where too little and too much can lead to equal amounts of damage to one’s health and body. In fact, sleeping excessively can lead to hypersomnia where the individual feels sleepy the entire day and can be very dangerous if they fall asleep at the wheel youtube video herunterladen Too much sleep can also lead to premature aging, depression, decreased fertility and an off-balance circadian rhythm. It might feel good to sleep in on the weekends because it feels like repaying a sleep debt, but the health consequences of inadequate sleep during the week can’t be undone by extra sleep on the weekends.

So what should you do now with all these sleep facts free dumplings? Well for starters, opt out of screen time 1-2 hours before you sleep. Make sure you set aside adequate time for sleep every night and try your best to stick by your schedule. On the weekends, try your hardest to maintain the same sleep schedule as during the week. If getting out of bed on the weekends is extra difficult, try to plan some exciting activities in the morning to motivate yourself to wake up on time print piano notes for download.

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