Which Side Do You Sleep On?

Many people go to sleep without a second thought on which sleep position will benefit them the most. In fact, many believe that how you sleep has nothing to do with your health! However, sleep research has shown that each sleep position has it’s own set of pros and cons, making the position an important contributor to one’s health Age of empires 1 free full version.

Let’s separate fact from fiction on which position is better for you…

Side Sleeper

Touted as the most common position, many people sleep on their side for their whole lives. However, this position has some downfalls. Take for example when you rest the side of your face on the pillow: as the night progresses and you toss and turn, your face will inevitably be stretched in different directions for long periods of time datei aus icloud downloaden. Because you are unconscious, these stretches will contribute to premature wrinkles on only one side of your face. In fact, some sleep experts can even tell which side a person sleeps on just by looking at their facial features. To prevent these wrinkles, try switching to a silk or satin pillowcase so your face will not be caught by friction that is present on cotton pillowcases herunterladen. Another option is to invest in a pillow that allows side sleeping but has ample support that prevents the side of your face from having contact to the pillow.

All hope is not lost though: sleeping on your side has some benefits too kann keine apps herunterladen iphone 7! In fact, sleeping on your left side helps improve heart circulation and eases heartburn as well as lessens acid reflux. For those who snore from sleeping on your back, sleeping on your left actually helps you maintain open airways and stop snoring.

To find the best pillow for your side sleeping needs, research should be done to figure out which benefits you value the most.

Back Sleeper

Here’s a not-so-surprising fact: only 8% of people sleep on their backs herunterladen. As opposed to side sleeping, sleeping on your back has only a few benefits. Because the back of the head is against the pillow, there will be a much lower chance of developing premature wrinkles and acne as a result of facial contact with the pillow. However, sleeping purely on your back can lead to lower back pain due to the natural curvature of the spine. When an individual is standing up, the lower back curves inward so when they are sleeping, the body is putting pressure and pushing the lower back against the bed logitech treiber herunterladen. Thankfully, there is a solution: pillows! Many sleep experts advise putting a pillow under your knees to take off some pressure on your lower back.

Sleeping on your back has plenty of cosmetic benefits. Fewer wrinkles, reduced oils, and less swelling. Because sleeping on your side leads to fluid pooling to that particular side of the face for a long time, the swelling can take a while to go down when you wake up kostenlos facebook herunterladen. Sleeping on your back is also not advised for those who are prone to snoring since the airways are more easily blocked in this position.

Stomach Sleeper

Out of all the positions, this one is perhaps the worst. The only benefit of this position is less snoring but the constant pressure pulling from the spine can lead to future back pain. When you sleep on your stomach, the majority of the body weight is pulled by gravity which makes it difficult for the spine to maintain a neutral position hits 2018 kostenlosen. Since the stress is on your spine, a structure that houses the control center of your nerves, pain can travel to just about anywhere in the body. Sleeping on your stomach can also lead to tingling and numbness in parts of your body and prevent you from obtaining the sleep you need.

Sleeping on your stomach also causes your neck to twist in uncomfortable positions that will inevitably place your entire upper body out of proper alignment mp3 umwandlungsprogramm kostenlosen. This is why at the chiropractor or massage parlor, they have special tables that allow your head to rest in a proper position. Without these special tables or sleeping in a proper position, an individual can put themselves at risk for a herniated disk and cause nerve issues.

So now that you have the facts about each sleep position, which one will you choose when you go to sleep tonight iphone ordner herunterladen? If one position is keeping you awake, feel free to add some pillows and adjust to a comfortable position. Just remember: a perfect night’s rest is absolutely possible, not impossible!

If you’ve exhausted all the positions and are still experiencing pain, you can try and see if the real issue is the type of mattress you are sleeping on. In fact, many people struggle to sleep on their mattress and have tried pillows of all shapes and sizes but a new mattress is actually what they needed from the start. With the proper mattress for your lifestyle, an improved quality of sleep is easily attainable.

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