Are you a Side-Sleeper? (Sleep Science)

Sleeping on Your Side

63% of Americans sleep on their side, making it the most common way to sleep der spiegel app kostenlos herunterladen. The popularity of this position is not surprising given all the incredible benefits from sleeping on your side. Side-sleeping can help with acid reflux, reduce back pain, and even help with sleep apnea wwu semesterticketen. To learn more about sleep apnea, read our last blog here. Do you sleep on your side? If so, which side do you prefer?

Right VS Left

There is some debate on which side it is better to sleep on; your left side or your right side hörspiele kostenlosen. Many people praise the virtues of sleeping on your left side, citing research that suggests sleeping on your left can relieve heartburn, and also improve circulation in pregnant mothers herunterladen. However, others say that sleeping on your left side can put pressure on your liver, stomach and lungs. We recommend you switch off between sides during the night, to improve circulation and enjoy the benefits provided by both sides video from youtube download online! Regardless of which side you sleep on, you can only reap the benefits if you’re getting a good night’s sleep…

The Palmpring Difference

The quality of your mattress is incredibly important, especially if you sleep on your side pc games to. An old sagging mattress makes it more difficult to sleep on your side, putting your spine out of alignment and forcing your arms and legs into uncomfortable contortions jungle fever spiel kostenlosen. There are two major ways to avoid a saggy mattress.

  1. Solid support. Softer mattresses are naturally more susceptible to sagging over time herunterladen. Not only will getting a firmer mattress lead to reduced sag but it’s also great for your back!
  2. Durable materials. The recycled metal springs in many spring mattresses wear down over time books for free without registration pdf. Memory foam acts like a sagging mattress as soon as you buy it, sinking wherever you place your weight. Artificial gels and foams also degrade over time innsalzach24 herunterladen.


At Palmpring, we’ve got all your bases covered if you’re a side sleeper. We use rubberized coconut husk fiber to provide fantastic back support that’s durable and long-lasting, along with certified organic latex for added cushion. Unlike other mattresses, it won’t sag over time. After 20 years in business, we’re still testing the limits of durability with no breaking point in sight!

Despite the prevalence of side-sleepers among the population, most pillows are designed with back sleepers in mind. A rectangular pillow often means that your shoulder is getting squashed by the extra cushion, or you have to rest so low on your pillow that can’t enjoy the benefits of elevating your head at all. There’s a simple solution to this problem, scoop-shaped pillows. The K-Lex pillow, available at the Palmpring showroom in Pasadena, has precisely that scoop shape to free your shoulder while you sleep on your side. Inside, a loose cotton and latex blend shifts around to fit the shape of your head.

Another handy trick to helping you sleep on your side is putting a pillow between your legs to keep your leg bones lined up with your hip joint. A peanut shaped pillow from Palmpring is perfect for between your legs because it is not too bulky or unnecessarily wide. Made with 100% virgin wool and a 100% cotton cover, our Peanut pillows are all natural and chemical-free!