Making a Mattress – Organic Wool

Palmpring Organic mattresses are made with four simple, organic, all natural materials; latex, coconut fiber, cotton, and wool. We don’t use any other adhesives or toxic chemicals, so you know exactly what you’re getting when you buy from Palmpring download the broadcast.

How do we make flame retardant mattress covers from organic wool?

It all starts with sheep…

Treating our Sheep Right

At Palmpring, we only trust the best source for certified organic wool: Woolgatherer Carding Mill with premium Eco Wool herunterladen. Sheep farmers working for Woolgatherer have to meet GOTS organic certification standards for 3 years before they’re allowed to actually produce organic products for us to use limewire herunterladen kostenlos.

Other companies use harsh techniques to maximize profits while seriously hurting the quality of life for their sheep. Some farms dip their sheep into a pesticide bath and cut off patches of the sheep’s skin to keep away flies movies youtube. We believe our sheep deserve better. In addition to avoiding these cruel practices, our skilled shearing crews make the sheering process as quick and harmless as possible willy werkel flugzeuge bauen download kostenlos vollversion. We also avoid overgrazing the land our sheep occupy because it can harm the land and actually lower the overall quality of the wool as well.

Not only is Eco Wool organic and ethically raised, but it’s also made using local family-run farms gratis antivirenprogramm downloaden! This means more jobs for hardworking, honest Americans who care about the quality of their product over the bottom line.


Once the sheep have been sheared, the wool is cleansed with organic soap to remove oils, dirt, and grass kinder spiele zum herunterladen. Next, the wool is combed and fluffed to remove any leftover vegetable matter. Other companies use harsh bleaches and dyes to make their wool as white as possible mobile app herunterladen. They even dip their wool in strong acids to dissolve vegetable matter faster and cheaper, using even more chemicals to restore the curl to their wool fibers transport fever mods. Our wool is natural, because our health, safety, and the environment are more important to us than the color of the material.


All of these standards and practices are verified by highly respected third-party certification boards to ensure that our wool is organic and high quality gekauftes amazon prime video herunterladen. The most important industry standard organic certification for wool is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard). For the best wool in the industry, however, we won’t settle for just GOTS alone. Our wool is also certified by the OEKO Standard 100 and is tested for mold, heavy metals, and pesticide/herbicide use. Finally, core testing ensures quality by measuring fiber variation, length, micron size, and vegetable matter presence. On top of all that, the wool we use at Palmpring is, like our mattresses, made in the USA!

Why wool?

Why is wool such an important part of Palmpring mattress covers? Wool is long lasting, water resistant, temperature-regulating, and 100% biodegradable. Wool is also naturally flame retardant, which allows Palmpring to meet fire safety standards for our mattresses without the use of nasty chemicals. To learn more about the harmful chemicals other companies use instead of wool to meet safety standards, read our blog about it here:

What about Allergies?

Some individuals can have an allergic reaction to certain oils present in wool. Although only 1-2% of the population has been found to have such an allergic reaction to wool, we want our mattresses to be accessible to all. The wool portion of our mattress covers is internal to the mattress, secured underneath a thick cotton layer. Our covers are carefully constructed to be hypoallergenic, and shouldn’t cause any issues for individuals with a lanolin sensitivity. Lanolin, the potential allergen, is typically cleaned out of the wool during manufacturing. Additionally, many people who believe they have a wool allergy are simply reacting to the larger wool fibers in clothing. You can read more about that here:’s-wool-allergies/


To learn more about Woolgatherer Carding Mill, check out their website here: