Dwell on Design 2017

Last week, Palmpring spent an exciting weekend at the LA convention center exhibiting for the annual Dwell on Design expo. If you weren’t able to make it to the show yourself, here’s just a taste of all the incredible things we got to do at Dwell mediathekviewweb herunterladen.

Dwell on Design

Every year, thousands of interior designers, architects, trade professionals and students gather to share their passion for design mediathek untertitel herunterladen. Palmpring has been a proud exhibitor at the event for several years now, and it has been a privilege to see the event grow and change.

Our Booth

A trade show booth is our chance to bring the showroom on the road, and share the fantastic visuals that illustrate what makes Palmpring organic mattresses so unique audio programs for free. On one wall, we had a collage of our materials in their natural habitat: cotton, wool, coconut, and rubber tree sap. On the opposite wall, we gave a window into the inside of some of our most popular mattresses, to see how we arrange coconut fiber and organic latex for a custom comfort terraria gratis herunterladen. Front and center was a collection of photos showcasing a small sample of our happy customer base. Without their continued support and enthusiasm for Palmpring products, we wouldn’t be where we are today herunterladen. Everyone who stepped into our booth got to stand on sheets of our rubberized coconut fiber to feel how the material makes a great substitute for metal springs klassiken. Additionally, we brought along samples of our coconut fiber and organic latex at various stages of the manufacturing process. Transparency is a huge part of Palmpring herunterladen. We want you to know exactly how your mattress is made and what is inside it.

Familiar Faces

One great thing about industry events is the opportunity to catch up with old friends nhd lukt niet. Michele La Flesch from the Closet Factory Showroom (above) stopped by our booth to catch up on Friday. Later in the weekend, we saw the lovely folks from Poltrona Frau who we’ve worked with for quite a while now musik von vken. The design and home good industries are built on the backbone of community, and we love being a part of ours. Some of our friends and partners we get to see at events all the time, some we only have the privilege of catching up with in person once a year wimmelbilder kostenlos herunterladen. To them all, we thank you for your time, business, and good conversation!

Media Matters

Every event we attend is full of surprises. One such surprise was the impromptu radio interview with Nancy Pearlman we took part in to share our organic message with an even wider audience. Another surprise was hearing that a young girl interviewed for a local television station named us as her favorite company of the show. We were honored to make a difference in a young girl’s journey on the path to designing greatness.

Learning Opportunities

Throughout the weekend, famous interior designers from across the country gave presentations about their craft on the main stage. Luckily, our booth was positioned nearby so that we could sit in on some of these lectures and learn more about the industry we’re proud to serve. Martyn Lawrence Bullard (above), gave a particularly riveting talk about designing homes for some of California’s local celebrities. Palmpring works with interior designers to ensure that their clients live in more eco-friendly and health-conscious spaces. It’s always a treat to see things from the perspective of the designer and learn about how our mattresses fit into the larger picture of a bedroom and a home.

Sharing Better Sleep

Our favorite part of shows like Dwell on Design, is the opportunity to share our organic mattresses with so many new people. Over the course of 3 days, hundreds of people got to feel for themselves the difference a Palmpring mattress can make. Our booth became a popular rest stop for those worn down from days of standing. The materials we brought along to illustrate the process of creating an organic mattress from natural ingredients were a crowd favorite.

This year, we brought our Colva and Puri mattresses along with a latex pillow topper, coconut insoles, and organic latex pillows.